Working From Home Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Working From Home Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this time that we’re facing historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 pandemic. We know it’s a stressful and uncertain time.

Thuswell is committed to your safety and we’re taking extra precautions. Our team is working from home, with the exception of those who are shipping out your orders and they are disinfecting all workspaces and products shipped out. Our products are cleaned with sonic cleaners and stored with extra precautions. If you’d like to clean your frames once they arrive, we recommend using disinfecting wipes on the frame, and a microfiber cloth with an optical lens cleaner on the lenses.

Working From Home

This week hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are working from home taking refuge from the coronavirus. Are you working from home right now too?

The outbreak has triggered a trial run for working remotely at a huge scale, and we’ll learn in the next few months how effective it is for companies and if our future has a lot more remote work in it.

Do you like working from home? Has working from home increased or decreased the impact of your migraine? For some, fewer meetings and business could help. For others, more time on the screen could exacerbate the situation. 

Maya shares her experience about spending more time at home: “My home became a minefield, from the too-bright kitchen ceiling light to the monitor and phone screens (despite blue-light filters). Wearing these glasses immediately made an enormous difference. Not only did they stop the near-constant migraine pain, they also protected me from being constantly retriggered so my nervous system could calm down and begin to heal.”

For those who have been struggling with more migraines since being at home, we hope our migraine glasses will be able to bring you some relief.

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Try Thuswell CBD Oil For Anxiety

Have you noticed you’re more anxious or stressed with all that’s been going on in this news lately? You’re not alone. 

Fortunately, many of our customers have found relief through our CBD oil. 

In talking about the health benefits of CBD, Harvard Medical School Peter Grinspoon, MD says “CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep… Another study demonstrated the mechanism by which CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the most difficult types of chronic pain to treat.”

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If you feel like your migraines or anxiety levels are especially high right now, CBD may be able to help you find some relief.

Allyson writes “I’ve been using Thuswell CBD for one month to treat chronic, persistent migraine as well as chronic pain. It helps to relieve some of the anxiety associated with these conditions and takes my pain down a notch or two. As a bonus, it has a very nice flavor.”

And Debbie shared “Finally, some relief from so many monthly migraines!I chose this product to help reduce the number of migraines I get. I did see some relief from 9 a month to 6 in the first month of using the Thuswell CBD oil formulated for migraines. I also felt a lot more relaxed after using the oil for 3 weeks. I could really feel that my anxiety level was lower! So pleased that I found something to help when nothing else seems to work for me!!”

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    Great product,I loved every drop and was sad to see it run out. It helped me so much with my migranes and anxiety.

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