Mix Migraine Relief Into Your Day

Introducing the first drink mix supplement for migraine.

Drug Free

Thuswell is a drug-free supplement that can help you experience fewer migraines.

Recommended Ingredients

Thuswell's Migraine Supplement is formulated based on clinical evidence from North American national headache associations.

Includes Riboflavin, Magnesium, and CoQ10

Clinical Evidence

Taken daily, each of Axon's 4 ingredients have been shown to reduce frequency and severity of attacks - up to 50%.

Fewer Migraines. Naturally.


Thuswell is made of natural ingredients you can pronounce, in amounts shown to reduce migraines by up to 50%

We have only included ingredients backed by real data, so you get just what your body needs to reduce migraines.

How it Works:

Woman mixing Axon Migraine Supplement Drink Mix

Drink it Daily

Simply mix thuswell with water or another liquid and drink it daily. Make it even sweeter with a tablespoon of honey or cane sugar.

Woman adding water to glass for Axon Migraine Supplement Drink Mix

Live Healthy

Thuswell is most effective as part of a supportive lifestyle including proper hydration, adequate sleep, and reduced exposure to your known migraine triggers.

Woman drinking Thuswell migraine supplement drink mix

Expect Fewer Migraine Attacks

We've included only ingredients backed by real data - get just what you need and nothing you don't.

Why Trust Thuswell?


Because ThusWell is Different.

Thuswell was developed by a leading neuro-ophthalmologist and migraine researcher, Dr. Bradley J. Katz.  He regularly publishes his research in top headache journals and presents his findings to national headache societies. 

The only ingredients we’ve included are the ones shown beneficial in your fight against migraine. No need to buy multiple supplements.  Every ingredient you need is in this jar. 


Woman mixing Axon Migraine Supplement Drink Mix in a glass

Who is Thuswell?

We’re no strangers to alternative, non-invasive products for migraine relief.

The demand for safe and effective treatment of migraine is expanding, and thankfully so are the evidence-based recommendations for nutraceuticals that bring relief. With natural ingredients that effectively reduce migraine, Thuswell is one of those alternatives and is the only Migraine Supplement Drink Mix on the market.

Up close picture of Thuswell Migraine Supplement Drink Mix

Buy Thuswell Migraine Supplement Drink

One Time Purchase: $39.99
Subscription: $31/month + free shipping

No need to buy multiple supplements. Save money and buy the necessary vitamins in one product.

Learn more about our ingredients.

Thuswell is no stranger to alternative, non-invasive products for migraine relief.

Our Axon Optics Therapeutic Migraine Lenses are clinically proven to reduce migraine symptoms and light sensitivity. The demand for safe and effective treatment is expanding and thankfully so is the evidence-based recommendations for nutraceuticals. Formulated with natural ingredients to effectively treat migraine, thuswell now offers the only Migraine Supplement Drink Mix.

Includes Riboflavin, Magnesium, CoQ10, PA Free Butterbur Root Powder

Take Thuswell. Take Control.

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